SCWI My Update – The Future Of Money

Global Crisis or…?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”19″ font_style=”300″ font_color=”%23999999″ bottom_margin=”40″ line_height=”25″]In these times of “financial crisis” and “our world falling apart” in so many ways, I wanted to remind you that…
we kinda “asked for it”…

Often we pray or plan (or both) for a “better life”, “better future”… different results.

And more often than not… magic happens!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”300″]Things happen in their own way, getting us to the desired result… seemingly long way around or through a much hardship.


The truth is though, that we never really know how specifically things will happen, or what is the fastest, best way to achieve something.


Not so long ago, I decided that I want a CHANGE in my life. It was a specific, heartfelt cry-out, as I found myself surrounded by people and circumstances that didn’t support what I really wanted to experience.


One decision.

A felt, somewhat dramatic, coherent experience of my preferred reality. And within a few quick weeks… my “whole world” fell apart.


Business I’ve built and nurtured for many, many years was falling apart. My family dynamics were challenged too. Nothing seemed to work and “my world” was literally crumbling before my feet. Little I knew that…


I asked for it myself.

Granted, indirectly… but I did ask for it. I just forgot about it, as I found myself on the “effect side of life” for just a little while.


So I had to have a little “chat with my unconscious mind” and it reminded me of that decision and suggested that:


“Sometimes… in order to build the world that you prefer… the quickest way, or sometimes the only way, is to flatten out the ground and build a new foundation, restart it all from ZERO.

You could have never built it, with this old foundation and so it had to be destroyed first, so that you can have what you want instead.”


And so I remembered to… trust my unconscious mind’s infinite wisdom… and enjoy the show, focus on what I truly wanted to be and experience and… the world that I had magically created for me today… is a dream come true in so many ways.


So if you ever find yourself in a position of perceived reality where everything is falling apart, be reminded that…


The destruction of the old may have been necessary, in order to build the world that you prefer.


It’s all “one big stage” on which, we learn and grow, become the people that we needed to become… in order to be, experience and have what we want. Makes sense?


So back to you…

I don’t really know how you are doing financially today. I don’t know whether “money is working for you” or do you desperately need more? What I am sure of though… is that you must know somebody that is in a dire need for more, that’s for sure.


On top of that, even if you have saved a lot of money… in which currency do you keep it? US Dollar? Euro? AED? Saudi Riyal? South African Rand? Zimbabwean Dollars? ?


Do you feel safe with your money in the bank, or do you wonder what would happen with your stash if the bank goes bankrupt like some did…?


My thoughts today are going to be around my perception of where the world of money is going, the future of money and an exciting part-time/full time business opportunity you may chose to exploit, wherever in the world you are.


My Passion Project

This may be new to you, but a little while ago, I started my little “Passion Project”, from my crazy and inspired heart, to make 20 other people millionaires, within 24 months.


My big old friend/brother Carlos, has done that for 13 people already, and he kinda challenged me, for “the big coach” to do the same – “if I can”. Here is a quick, shortest introduction to Carlos…


He grew up as an orphan and comes from a very humble beginnings, much like myself. He worked in Mc Donald’s at the age of 15, by lying his way in, as you needed to be 16 years old at least, for such a job.


He studied many things, from NLP to you name it… much like myself… and has built a life of abundance.


When I first met him, half of my life ago, he was already a self-made, US Dollar millionaire.


On my path, I have met and worked with many millionaires, but not one of them ever told me that what he does… is help other people become millionaires.


When he told me that he has made 13 people millionaires in last 3 years or so, something inside of me clicked and I wanted to know, what specifically he teaches/does with them ?


New world is already here and some people are seeing major opportunities, while others are seeing a major crisis today.


Some people are willing to do things differently than in the past, while some are stuck and desperately holding onto the OLD ways of thinking and doing business.


I can tell you right now, that to strive in this big new world, you need to align yourself with 4 things. Your business needs to be:


      • Heart based Driven from your heart, bringing you joy, where work doesn’t feel like work, but instead – it energizes you! (read: good for you!)


      • Good for others It needs to be centered around other people’s needs and wants, be good for them! Truly deliver value in their lives, you need to be truly serving them.


      • Good for our planet
        Without us taking ecology into a consideration when it comes to how we think and operate… our planet will not survive/tolerate us any longer. Like it or not, most humans, as a huge generalization… act no different from cancer, when it comes to our planet. Our attitude needs to change and we need to think of future generations and what are we leaving behind for generations to come… when we are gone in this form.


    • Sustainable
      You have to think of the long run here. Quick injections of cash are always welcome, where to truly have a chance… you ought to build a sustainable business, something that can grow on and on, forever. This somehow marries the above principles for me.


So, align your agenda’s with these 4 principles and your business will strive, in any economy.


So what Carlos does, he follows above principles and teaches people and coaches them for free, for them to become a success story.


He gets immensely rewarded for doing so, in so many ways…


So let’s talk briefly about the current economy and where is the world right now, in MY OPINION…


In today’s global economy, with USA printing money with nothing to back it up for decades now, it created a bubble unlike world has ever seen before. Have a look at this chart quickly:[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_style=”300″]That first little jump in 1920’s was followed by the well known worst, longest, biggest depression in the USA. Now look at the rest of the chart, towards “our time”…


In between 50’s and 70’s US had another 3 smaller depressions, but I think in August 1971, US went off the gold standard and prints US Dollars with no gold to back it up.


What a pleasure, just printing money as you please, hey? Where I come from… printing money is very, very illegal, LOL


Compare the size of the jump in 20’s, with the size and the length in time, of the jump in last quite some years. How long do you think they can keep this going up… before it comes down badly?


You can of course then, hallucinate where the current BIG ASS bubble is going and what will happen when it blows up… It seems to me that US Dollar and many markets will crash, unlike anything the world has ever seen before.


Banks giving loans that THEY cannot back up either. It’s like a monopoly game we played as kids, when bank just “has all the money” and can print more whenever it needs any, with no one ever questioning its source.


So it became clear to me today, that people already, and soon on a much, much larger scale, no longer trust and believe in “paper money”, or should I say – it’s value.


People with some savings are scared to keep it at home, worried leaving it in the bank… so they “get rid of their money” and invest in properties and all sorts of other commodities instead.


The future of money and currencies is turning… and simply has to become one (or few) Crypto-currencies.


Now, over the last month or so, together with my friend Carlos, I’ve been studying something brand new in the market (for me). There was an opportunity for me to invest some cash and get 50% per year return on my investment, with low risk, which obviously got my attention!


In that process, I got introduced to a whole new world of Crypto-currency. Now you may say… “Crypto what?!” It kinda just means Digital Currency, which is where I believe the whole world is going, when it comes to money.


Perhaps you’ve heard of the major one of them, which is a BitCoin. In its public history, in May 2010, investors could buy BitCoin for even less than 1 USD cent ($0,001 to be exact) and they could sell them for over $1,000 in late 2013. That is a million times return on investment by the way.


Have a look at this chart, as it resembles my story so far:



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Chart above shows you USD value of BitCoin over time.


Crypto-currency doesn’t depend on any governmental body, which means that no government, politicians, people in power, etc… can control/manipulate it. It means no inflation. It’s digital and globally transparent to anyone around the world.


Transactions are instant and cost next to nothing, literally. It cannot be hacked into or manipulated in any way. Transactions are ultra secure and anonymous, so much so that “taxman” is really not happy with any of this ?


And this is a major problem for banks today, as with the world turning to Crypto-currencies, they have no control, no monopoly over people transacting money. By the way, BitCoin is legal and traded freely as a commodity around the world.


Sir Richard Branson is a major supporter of Crypto-currencies and his Virgin Galactic gladly accepts BitCoin as a means of payment.


Bill Gates says that Crypto-currency is better than currency as we know it.


I want you to THINK for a moment here… as I’m writing this, it takes USD 1.10 to buy 1 Euro. It takes USD 1.31 to buy 1 British Pound.


And it takes USD 661.85 to buy 1 BitCoin! There is no other currency in the market globally, that is worth that much.


So where am I going with all of this?

You know my good friend Carlos? Within his previous business venture, over last 3-4 years, he has built a business, where he clears monthly and passively, between 80 – 100 thousand Euros per month. Read that again please, as there is no typo there. I said a 100,000 Euro’s per month.


That’s due outstanding performance on his behalf, of course. Due to the nature of that business, if he stops actively working, people won’t stop using his products, so he could relax and chill out for a while, getting his residual/passive income from now, until theoretically forever, or for as long that company exists and delivers products to his customers, right?


BUT… my “crazy” friend decided to LEAVE that business behind and lose all that future income, burn it all to dust and start again, from zero.


What do you think?

Is he a mad person… or did he see something new and so freaking huge, that was a no-brainer for him to switch from his old business, to this new business opportunity?


I would be mad not to follow him just the same, so after a month long, thorough research, we partnered once again and plan to build a business that has a way better income potential than anything else you’ve ever heard of before.


It’s not to do with BitCoin directly, but it has everything to do with the world or Crypto-currencies, or the future of money, as we call it. So many people cry that they have missed the BitCoin train, because they didn’t invest in it back when it was worth only $0.001, as they could have made a million dollars on every dollar invested!


This new business opportunity has A LOT to do with making money, mainly through Coaching and Mentoring other people, while doing business as aligned with the 4 principles shared earlier on.


Now, I am not making any promises here, nor am I authorized to give financial advice of any kind. I am simply sharing MY OPINION, as always.


So Carlos and me…

We are many things in this world, to different people. In this context – we are business people. We set sound, measurable goals and then we take massive action to reach them, passionately and with integrity.


I can tell you that Carlos’s old goal with his previous business was to build a passive income of $250,000 per month, in five years. If you understand exponential growth, he has one more year to reach that, which should be super easy for him.


Growing it onwards and reaching way bigger numbers for him would be very tough though, without him pushing it madly in person still.


And I think I had too much influence on him over the last few months and… well… let’s just say that he no longer wants to work THAT much :))) as he really, really worked “too much” in my opinion. Anyone working more then me… MUST be crazy I think :)))


Now, his goal is to make a new business for himself, that makes one million euro’s per month, from his 18th month onward. He started a few days ago, so watch this space and see him do exactly that!


And keep watching, as I help 20 people make their million bucks, as I said I will, one way or another, which is what my Passion Project was all about! The only reason you haven’t heard about my “little project” yet, is because the vehicles that I could use to help you DO THAT, weren’t supporting business globally and it wasn’t available in your country.


This changed everything.

But now, we have a truly global opportunity that changes everything. So keep watching us what we do…


Or… get involved and be that person, this time, with what is soon becoming the mainstream of currencies. You can play in two ways here, as a PASSIVE INVESTOR (read: do nothing and get 50% ROI per annum) OR as an ACTIVE PARTNER (read: same as above PLUS do stuff and make some serious money rather quickly) and create your own financial freedom with this “new world” vehicle.


If you want the details, let’s book some time and get together on a call, so that I can share with you the rest of this story and how money can be made here, regardless of where you live right now.


But I didn’t tell you the best part yet!

Within this context and my little Passion Project, I am willing to offer my time – Coaching and Mentoring you, for you to succeed financially. I will give you the “How To” and help you breakthrough your own financial, personal business barriers – the best I can and know how, FOR FREE.


While you do need to invest into this business opportunity yourself, I will not charge you a cent for my time, coaching and mentoring you. Eish… read it again if you like, because it does sound crazy I know, but there it is – I said it.


Excited to hear from you, as my “little” Passion Project must go on… until I make 20 people millionaires. Fill-in the form below and make your move, to initiate this chat with me.




What Will Happen then?

I’ll receive your inquiry and either get in touch with you personally via email, or get onto a Skype with you in person. Alternatively, we may even make it a group live call of some sort. Let’s see how it goes and whether we are a good fit for one another, for this new adventure. Either way, you should hear from me fairly quickly.


And Hey, No Promises Here.

Fill-in the form, I’ll read it myself and come back to you. Just allow me some time to go through it all, as I expect quite a few inquiries. First come first served, as always.


Chat soon, Robert






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