How Would You Like To Be Coached By Me In Person, And Wake To Your True Self?

A recent discovery took me on a journey of a life time! You’d know already, how I regularly attend other trainings and study just about from anyone who gets my attention. This of course leads me to loads of wasted investments, in terms of my time, energy and money.

But every once in a while, I come across a true gem, that makes it all soooo worthwhile for me, which is why I keep doing it I guess…

I found a true gem, a process that you can learn easily and use to cause drastic shifts/change in yourself and/or your clients.

Main reason for me writing to you today, is because of a such discovery. And while anybody (non-coaches) can attend this workshop, I simply wish all my Coaches get on board and upgrade their understandings and skill level to this new, most phenomenal update in quite a few years back. I’ll do my best to introduce it well here, so sit back and hear me out…

Think about it this way…

you know how this whole universe is dual in nature, don’t you? Everything around us in existence, has its own polar opposite - right has left, up has down, yin has yang, masculine has feminine, weak has strong…

And so it's the same in our perception and the view of the world. We all seem to have one specific MAIN polarities set, that governs our lives more than any other unconscious aspect!

Now that’s a big statement, but it does affect our personalities, decisions, behavior and the stories of your life, unlike anything else I’ve been aware of!

It plays such a big role, that metaphorically speaking, I refer to it as a book cover of your life. Where all the stories and little chapters in your life, are just a mere expression of the game/fight between these two polar opposite energies.

Each one pushing or pulling you its own way. And they never rest. As soon as you get to the one, the other one pulls even harder and people, totally unconscious about this happening in the background, simply experience life "as it is" and doing their best to cope with whatever is going on around them.

People seem to be in this unconscious prison if you will, playing the game of their unique two Primordial Polarities and going through life, attaching them to their Identity. Sometimes I'm weak, sometimes I'm strong… we tend to conclude... after we’ve experienced ourselves in both ways.

So “AM I WEAK” or “AM I STRONG” becomes the question....

And yet... you are neither weak, nor strong... You are the consciousness behind it all... and these are just mere roles you get to CHOOSE to play and use IF, and WHEN they serve you.

But where is this choice when we are unconscious about this invisible force, playing such a big role in our lives?!

How do you escape from a prison, if you don’t even know that you are in one?

Unaware, people build castles... only to destroy them (when that other side shows up and drives them crazy to do so). They build loving relationships, only to seek freedom from it... They build healthy and energetic bodies, only to end up sluggish and fat…

And so it goes, in an infinite number of polar opposites that one could have running the show behind the scenes of one’s life.

My newly discovered process helps integrate the two... and sets you free from that unconscious, compulsive need to do one or the other side... but leaves you with that bigger picture when you truly get that these two... are ONE whole thing.

And as you do that... the charge between them gets neutralized and you get to see your whole life run before your eyes, you get to see ALL of the events... as just a mere expression of these two forces, playing that push and pull game...

And then you get it, get it, get it... and your life changes for good... as your perception and the distorted reality of us vs the world, of separation... changes forever.

And then... as you continue using the process whenever there is any issue in your life, you get to integrate many other dual opposites, and set yourself free from that too... until we get to fully experience oneness :))

Given the way I typed all of this out right now, which was more like unconsciously pasting my thoughts onto this screen in front of me, rather than thinking about it first…and I can only guess that you can recognize my excitement and sheer investment in sharing this with you?! I offered this workshop only a few times now and we had so much fun and magical moments, that I was deeply, deeply moved.

Given such a low price tag, I simply cannot afford to be available in such an intimate environment very often, so this may very well be the very last time I offer it at this price.

So here is what I’ve decided to do now: I will accept another small batch and here are the dates currently available:

26th – 27th March 2021 at 10am Dubai time (only 4 seats left)

Here's how we'll do this...

Each day we will meet for about 6-8 hours per day.

You get to join me for this invaluable 2 days workshop that I deliver online, which means that... you can attend it live, from the comfort of your own home.

You need to know that as an attendant, you will be coached by me personally and you will get one on one time with me – guaranteed.

I see this process so very special, a true intersection in one’s life… so I’d love to play that role for you personally and have a chance to take part in your awakening this way too.

This is so much more than personal development, this takes you straightforward to the spiritual evolution, as we tackle the causes behind the root causes that we’ve been working on together so far.

I will teach, do it for each one of you attending (10 people max per group!) and then supervise many sessions fully, as you guys do it for one another... one live session at a time. You will leave the workshop fully aware of your two prime polarities (and have them integrated), fully equipped to do such sessions for other people AND for yourself onward.

Whenever ANY problem shows up in your life, you will know what to do right away and resolve the issue around it in literally just a few minutes. It's a rather different way to learn and integrate it fully, while we are still on the call and together.

If you want IN...

Then register here to secure your seat, as I usually sell out FAST, whenever I offer this workshop:


REGISTER HERE or get in touch with Corinna ( right away to arrange other forms of depositing your investment.

For only $840 (Incl. VAT), you are getting:

- Newfound understanding that will affect you deeply - physically, mentally and spiritually

- One-one-one coaching by me in person, experiencing this process in action

- A completely NEW process that is bound to transform your coaching practice

- Many exercises opportunities for your mastering the new skill

- Many, many demo’s to listen in and observe/learn from

- Audio recording of the entire event, for easy refreshing at will

- A Bonus process that goes hand in hand with the main process taught


I will not teach this process on Coach nor Master Coach training that I do live, which means that you won't find it anywhere else.

Come and join me for this intimate online workshop, delivered live.

Register here and I’ll see you soon!


P.S. Here are just a few testimonials from coaches that have already attended this workshop:

"Dear Robert, Thank you again for the wonderful information and the effort you put into constructing it for us. I have used it quite a bit hehehe… and it is phenomenal. I have been able to do it even without any explanation or a briefing.

The bonus is especially easy and works 100% of the time even in different languages. It is fun to watch the clients go into tangents of happiness as they finish the process ^_^ without realising the change. They deny ever having that issue at all, which i am grateful to hear. This is amazing stuff so thank you again. And Lots and Lots of love and hugs.

Sincerely, Sandy


Thank you for this awesome gift and your magnificent training as always. This new process is cutting edge stuff, it absolutely works, heals and creates instant change. I tried to heal my procrastination issues 5 years ago in my final PBS at my Master Coach Training…besides doubting the coach I worked with, I did doubted the process slightly as well…and of course I continued with procrastinating behaviour…

As you are aware, we gave it another bash on your Polarities Integration Training…since our session together I am absolutely healed in terms of that old procrastination. I have waited for a few days before confirming this with you, because I wanted to really test and ensure that this change was true...Dude its amazing! I have an urgency inside of me to get things done asap! Its almost irritating, LOL!

I am really excited about it and continuously motivated to move forward. Thank you again for You and your never ending drive, passion and commitment to becoming even better than you already are, and for sharing this with so much generosity and love. Clifford


Heartfelt thanks and appreciation Robert for accepting and including me on the Prime polarities Integration training. I loved the experience and received tremendous value from it. Thank you for teaching such amazing tools to allow me to make such tremendous shifts inside and I continue to feel the effects of them unfolding.

Amazing training. Amazing Techniques. Amazing trainer. Amazing people. I finished training feeling uplifted even more, seeing amazing potential and possibilities in using these new techniques on myself and others. I thoroughly enjoyed the two days,and feel blessed to have had this opportunity. Thank you. Anne


And here is something a bit more raw :))


I kinda got to share this with you…I don’t really know where else to go with it.. I’ve been trippin balls for some time now. Since Polarities Integration I have been having an increase in mind blowing realisations. Like..there is no outside, only inside. Quantum Linguistics haven’t really helped lol.

I found myself askin the question ‘Who am I?’. Answer: I am my mind Next question: Who am I not? Answer: Well, I'm not my mind. And then what I experienced can't really be described in words, thoughts.

Best description is my expression during/after parts integration…. Then I applied Cartesian Logic to the sentence: I am the universe I am the universe I am not the universe Not I am the universe Not I am not the universe …….Deeeep…… And it kinda struck me……..I had been thinkin for so long….that I am my thoughts. Every conceptualisation, rationalisation, idea has been a thought…so everything I have thought to be true, is just a thought.! Fuck! Man, having that realisation has freaked me out a little. The dust is still settling, so to speak.

Whoever, whatever, I thought I was, was/is just a projection. If that’s so, then who am I really? And the moment I try to grasp it with my mind, its gone! Puuuffff. I think I will never actually know….I can only feel it, experience it, in the unspoken, the formless. Now I find myself looking out of my window, and all I see is me. I talk to the baker I feel like I’m having a conversation with myself…etc

And what about time? There is no freakin’ time! Any memory I have is a creation in my mind, for one can not remember exactly, right? And the future? Just a projection…. There seems to be just one…..endless moment, with no beginning and no end. It just is…. Last night I looked at my hands and pondered on whether they are real. Then shook my head to check if I am in the middle of my head…. Man I couldn’t find myself there.! Damn I’m everywhere! And so is everyone else! But there is no everyone else! ….

I am the ocean. My body is a bottle in the ocean, in which there is also the ocean. So there is the ocean, the bottle, and the ocean in the bottle. We think we’re the bottle when in fact we’re the entire ocean… Or we think we are the light bulb, which can be turned on or off, when in fact we are the electricity. Damn.. There’s not really a question for me to ask you, but if there was one it would be: What does one do with this kind of realisation? Where do I go from here? How do I function in society now?............. Same answer comes up already, every time I ask.

Love it. Share it. Own the experience. Have fuuun. I miss you man. Now how the fuck can I be missing you, if there is no you?

We are still here (in this plane) to have those kinds of experiences, emotions, to do with separateness, whilst knowing we are…… all one? Give me some feedback, will you? Sending infinite Love to you and your family man. Bless you Anthias


Still reading... well... that won't get you onto the workshop! Take action and join me now, as who knows when I'll do another one again....

Register here now and I’ll see you soon!