New Year Resolutions Day 1

How To Have The Best Year Ever

1. New Year Resolutions | 2. Missing Ingredient | 3. Unconscious Sabotage









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Hey there, my name is Robert Simic, otherwise known as a wizard, a fixer, a guy who does brain surgeries over the phone, so imagine what we can do here through a video like this hey? And how about you? Have you ever wanted to make some big changes in your life? Have you ever been clear on what you want and even set some goals to achieve them?

Now, I bet some you achieved and some you didn’t and… chances are good that there is more of the set goals that you never reached yet, than the ones that actually came to a fruition, right?

You see, it’s special time of the year now, and I wanted to give you a gift, no charge, just sheer value for you, so… how would you like to learn today, what I think about New Year resolutions, goal setting, how not to do them, how to do them, why so many people fail at their new year’s resolutions, what are the mechanics of creating that much needed change in your life… how do you go from where you are at today, to the levels of success that you desire?

Would that be of interest to you? I hope so, because I have some really important and valuable information to share with you on that subject! All I know… it may change your thinking and how you go about reaching the levels of success in your life, regardless of the context that interests you the most, ok?

And first of all, I want to take this moment and congratulate you for being out there, still searching, still dreaming, still hoping, still doing whatever you can, to create a better world for yourself and therefore everyone else’s in this world, including mine. Statistically speaking, science has data now to confirm this, the ones that succeeded in life, the winners, the successful ones… were always those who were all in.

Those that were hungry enough, you know, those that invested themselves on as many levels as possible. Those who never gave up and instead, continued to happily invest their time, money, energy, focus… in pursuing what they wanted.

So just by you watching this video right now, tells me that you are one of those individuals, dedicated to succeed, at whatever rate possible for you. And I am here to help, with as much as I can, guiding you on this journey. I share with you knowledge derived from my own failures and successes, my client’s successes, success stories from my coaches that are doing well, I share with you what’s current and what’s working today, in today’s world.

And as you probably already know about me, I come from very humble beginnings, i’ve been battling with my own emotional disasters and a horrible financial situation early in life, from the school days already… At first, I’ve devoted my life to martial arts, and I made it my life. It was a way of life. School and trainings, that’s all I cared about. And then, due to a major knee injury, I’ve been forced to be an entrepreneur for the most part of my life… and that involved leaving my home country in pursuit for greener grass… little I knew that grass is not greener on the other side… it’s actually green wherever you water it, right? ?

So my struggle for survival really lead me to all sorts of experiences, from assembling some car parts and night shifts of manual labor, to washing cars in a rent a car company, I moved from one country to another, one fairly meaningless job after another… to fast forward some years… eventually  having my own, mental breakthrough and seeking my own freedom, taking things into my hands, my control.

And I am so happy to say today that I’ve been jobless for well over a decade now… because… I took on a career that is so inspiring and so fulfilling inside, that I reached a point when my job became a calling, endless fun and play really… and that changed everything for me and how I went about work and life in general.

Needless to say… to become the man that I am today, for me to continually create success regardless of what environment I find myself in… I had to change. So many times, in so many different ways.

But change I did, hey, and I will continue changing and growing myself, in becoming what is needed, what is functional, what is sustainable. But, I have to confess something real quick, something I am not very proud of… you see… it was easy for me to change… simply because I had to. I was hungry and I was willing to do whatever it takes… to create the life of my dreams. It was a must for me.

So at this time of the year, people all over the globe venture into what we call setting some New Year resolutions. Usually around ideas of getting out of their current pain, all the way to actually accomplishing what they really, really want in life. So I want to save you much time and potentially lots of pain and disappointment, by sharing with you what’s required to create such needed change in your life.

As without change, your life will stay the same or… even get worse, as nothing can stay the way it is, right? Everything in life is either growing or dying and we are all for growth here and life, right? So let’s get right into it. I think and have learned over time that… what you are capable of, is absolutely amazing.

Tell me something, what’s the difference between a fairy-tale and a war time story? Well, the fairy tale usually begins with: “Once upon a time…” you know? And when you become immersed in a fairy tale, it’s often effortless, it’s somehow selfless, and it’s rather joyful, isn’t it? There is often a sense of flow and movement, especially when we accept that… everything IS already, as it should be.

Evil is evil because… that’s the role of evil, right? And good is good because… that’s the role of good. And we carry on, flowing through the story, enjoying the sense of adventure and effortlessly being mesmerized by its content.

And in the war time stories, good is determined by the one who tells the story and so is bad. Story started by someone, at some specific point in time which is determined by the conviction of the author, and judged by the history of the reader, right?

And now… you may be wondering… what this has to do with you? Well, you see, when we live our lives in the syntax of a war story, we tend to live in the story of “our” history and our past experiences.

And when we experience our lives as a fairy-tale, there is only now… and we are here because we are supposed to be here. We are portraying the character that is “us“, and we are just meant to be that way, as we are in that story – aren’t we?

We are able to get “out of our own way” and live in courage and purpose because… there are no other possibilities except for ‘being alive.’ And when we do that sort of thing… we enter a state often called the flow… or being in the zone…

Now, we’ve all been in the flow at some point in our lives. Maybe it was when you were playing sports, or listening to music, or even getting really immersed in a project—you know, at times when you look up and it’s five hours later, it’s dark outside, and your bladder is about to explode because you’ve been so focused on what you’ve been doing, right?

Question is, why can’t we do this all the time? Well… it’s because we get in our own way.

Even when we’re daydreaming about that perfect Hawaiian vacation, we’re no happier than when we are in the present moment, did you know that? Scientists concluded that… a wandering mind, is an unhappy mind. And I’d amend this to: “Get out of your own way! Being in the flow is awesome, it’s free and it’s perfectly legal.”

But this flow business is tricky. We can all taste flow in moments of our lives, but how can we learn to get into it more and more?

You see, when we can get out of our own way, we’re happier and more engaged with the world, we’re more compassionate, and as a result – we can perform at our best. That’s why I say that we are all awesome – we just have to get out of our own way.

In my opinion, the state of flow comes about when WE inform the quality and texture of our lives, and we are out of flow when we live in reaction. Being in flow is a natural state, where we access our true genius.

And mind you though, as flow sounds like a thing, it’s actually a continuous process, rather than a one-time experience. And it’s more about learning to navigate our challenging times, than about chilling-out or zoning-out.

The opposite of being in flow is the experience of feeling stuck. Stuckness is often seen as some impediment or brokenness that needs to be fixed. I would like to suggest instead, that it’s the very thing that guides us toward our state of genius and bliss.

Problem is that people focus on being broken and somehow defective, and as a result, we expand our brokenness and defectiveness even more, which is contrary to what we are trying to achieve. Same as we wouldn’t want to analyze darkness in order to create more light, right?

The state of flow, is a process of following your bliss, your passions, your excitement and by doing so, expanding your positive direction towards what you want to achieve. And what this does, this gives you an immense capacity to negotiate adversity.

So, rather than having your new year’s resolution this year, I would suggest that resolving to spend more time in your flow, will deliver infinitely more growth and progress in your life, by default and automatically.

And as a natural side effect, it will in itself create abundantly more happiness and bliss. It will allow you an insatiable appetite, or huger to achieve that which you are seeking… imagine if your working hours felt like a few minutes and it all happened in a rather blissful, joyful state? Isn’t that something you’d absolutely want? Or is this already too far-fetched for you?

So the takeaway from this video is to not do New Year resolutions in the way that you insist on stopping doing this or that, to not make it about how crappy you are, how small or insignificant you are and how all that needs to change now. Let’s do them in a different way this year, let’s make it all and completely and totally only about how amazing you already are, how brilliant and capable you are as a human being.

Let’s not worry about the small stuff and instead, let’s place our focus on the positive, let’s get you in touch with your inner joy, excitement, things and ideas that move your heart, stuff that motivates you, that makes you laugh, or… makes you feel like a silly child. The more of that joy you bring in your life, despite your circumstances and on the daily basis, the more of what you wish to create will happen in your life.

In fact, I am going to use this opportunity right now, to challenge you… to give up playing small and to access the courage inside and to honor your greatness as a human being that you are. We were given so much potential and power that we are only beginning to contemplate, and you can access it all, the moment you stop complaining and finding excuses and evidence about your misfortune.

Let’s make this coming year, a year of stepping it up, raising your standards and creating a year you would remember as the intersection in your life, a year when you decided to be strong and live your life to the fullest.

Now… this is by no means it – this was just some warming up thoughts, much before we delve into the components of achieving anything in life. Now… you might be thinking “Well, that’s inspiring Robert, thank you… but… It’s easy for you to say, I heard it all before, I tried that, it won’t work for me…” or maybe you don’t even believe me yet, or any other reason under the sun… and I invite you to recognize that as just yet another way of your comfort zone, trying to protect you, to save you from creating false hope, to save you from failing by not even trying, which is failing for sure by the way!

I get it, I get all of that… but do you get it? Do you know that by not allowing yourself to dream big and to keep on trying, until you find what’s working for you… by preventing false hope… you are creating no hope at all… and that’s just sad, in my opinion.

So, if you are willing to hear me out, learn from me, how to create your next year the best year ever, join me tomorrow in the next free video, as I share with you the number one ingredient that you must have, in order to achieve your goals. I’ll talk about the most commonly perceived obstacle – which is your circumstances, your current situation and what you must have to breakthrough from it.

Will you accept my challenge and join me tomorrow? I hope so! And oh, by the way, feel free to post your comments below, even ask questions, I’ll do my best to be here for you, ok? And as always, feel free to share this video with your friends and family, as the idea is always… to touch as many lives as possible.

Alright, that’s it for today, see you in the next video![/text_block]


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