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Some of Our Latest Success Stories

There are no words for this course. I only know what I feel and even that I can’t put into words. There are no words for how this has changed my life, changed every cell of my being.

I couldn’t put a price on this experience and I am so unbelievably grateful to Robert who besides my husband is the greatest human being I have ever had the privilege of knowing.… A M A Z I N G !

– Talya Whitaker

Overall best learning experience ever. The learnings are transforming, life enhancing, infinitely limitless possibilities and applications.

This will revolutionise / transform my medical practice and human interaction beyond measure.

– Dr. Kgantso T. Maloba

I have never before experienced such an awakening and been so totally immersed when receiving new teachings.

Robert thank you so much for coming into my life and affording me this opportunity and gifting me with this love, learnings and ever increasing growth and connection with the rest of the world and everything.

– Natalie du Toit

At the beginning I booked a course only to realize it was a journey. A journey of discovery and re-discovery.

I have cried, I have laughed, but most of all I have grown. You will always be close to my heart for helping me find my key. Thank you!

– Rosa Orpen

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This has been an INCREDIBLY EMPOWERING AND HUMBLING EXPERIENCE.

It is the first learning program I have participated in where there is such congruency between knowledge, practice, learning and personal shift.

Your walking the talk is the difference.

–  Vasintha Pather

For many years I have been in search of answers because I honestly believed that I was completely lost and how you guys came into my life – I have no idea…

And during the process of these past 8 days I realised that the search of somebody that I was looking for to give me the answers was in me… there is a saying I came up with:

I AM ME, I AM EVERYTHING. WITHOUT ME – I AM NOTHING”. So I am me and I thank you very much!

– Edward Whithead


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